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  • Born 2/4/2000 10:27pm
  • 6 lbs. 15oz.
  • 19" Tall

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The Name 
Cameron Andie Kelly      Well, the name Cameron we were very unsure about but when we saw the similarities with Madison, in same number of letter and a lot of the same letters we just went with it. Andie is for Stacy's uncle Andy, who was a fantastic man and always had something nice to say & brought sunshine into MANY peoples lives. And Kelly, well she had no choice about the and can change that when she gets married, so what the hey!
Birthday & Time 
2/4/2000 10:27pm Whew, just made it. Get the play by play here.
6 lbs. 15oz. A  peanut. Though Daddy put on a lot of "sympathy" weight.
19" Tall Not bad, we don't grow 'em big 'round here.
9.5 hours.
Click here to see the play by play like on TLC "A baby Story"

1:00pm - check in, wait, wait,
5:00pm - epidural.
7:30pm -Ooops someone turned epidural off.
8:30pm -finally starts the Pitosin, (inducing drug).
9:45pm - serious pushing started.
10:15pm - OUCH!
10:27pm - Heeeeeeeeeere's Cameron.

Zodiac Sign 
Aquarius, same as her daddy

Dates: Jan. 20 - Feb. 18
Symbol: The Water-Bearer
Ruling Planet - Uranus
Birthstone - Amethyst
Flower - Violet
Color - Light Blue

Lucky Numbers: 11, 29, 38, 47, 56
Compatible signs: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius

The Aquarius Personality:
Your Aquarian has a faithful and dependent nature and at times may be difficult to understand. He or she is patient, unobtrusive, faithful and very kind. Aquarians may not always defend themselves against injustice and can be quiet when they need to stand up for themselves. Aquarians avoid arguments and are easy to get along with. The Aquarian child likes people and wants to be liked in return. This child is obsessed with learning and curious about life and its mysteries.

The Aquarian child:
must be taught early in life that plans do not materialize overnight. They tend to start at the top rather than the bottom but can usually handle the challenge with their ability to learn new tasks quickly.

are talented in many areas and can succeed in scientific research as well as executive management. They can sell anything to anyone and are well liked in social circles. They do their best in large corporations with performance incentives.

Famous People Born under the Aquarius sign:
Paul Newman, Actor, January 26
Wayne Gretzky, Hockey Player, January 26
Isabel Peron, February 6
Susan B. Anthony, February 15

Famous 2/4 BDays
Natalie Imbruglia 1975
Clint Black 1962
Alice Cooper 1948
Dan Quayle 1947
Charles A. Lindbergh 1902
David Brenner 1945
Hmmmm, she'll have to be a famous Feb. 2 birthdays, cuz' it's slim pickin's here.
More on the name:

This girl's and boy's name is used in English. Its source is a Gaelic expression meaning "Crooked stream." However, not all experts agree. Learn about the disputed meaning.

Nicknames of the name Cameron include: Cami. Alternate spellings of the name Cameron include: Cameran, Cameren, Kameron, Kammeron, Kamyron. There are 11 other forms of Cameron. There are also teasing nicknames.

The name Cameron ranked 1862nd in popularity for females of all ages in a sample of the 1990 US Census.

Nicknames and/or short form: Cami

Alternate spelling(s): Cameran Cameren Kameron Kammeron Kamyron

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Cameron Andie Kelly Copyright 2000. All right reserved by her to do whatever she wants whenever she wants, after she's married and leaves the house, oh and of course she hast'a finish college first... OK wait I guess I'm rushing her a bit.